Women Vintage Lace Dickey Collar Blouse


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Amp up your ordinary wardrobe with this Vintage Lace Dickey!

charming removable stringed collars that can add a layer of elegance to your outfit quickly and effortlessly. They’re easy to insert and remove under your clothes without looking obvious while staying on comfortably.

Wear them with all kinds of clothing for a whole new different look for any occasion. An instant elegant design for all occasions and upgraded charming looks in any outfit!

Removable collars – Features a pair of realistic lace collars that you can easily attach and remove on your outfit.

Charming design – Variety of charming styles that you can select to give you an extra sophisticated look.

Easy to use – Comes with a string that ties on securely. Easily slip it on over any outfit you wear and remove if needed.

Soft and durable – Made with high-quality and comfortable chiffon fabric that’s easy to wash and maintain. Does not easily fade or wrinkle.

Matches any outfit – One-sized design that you can also adjust to your needs. Suitable to wear with blouses, shirts, sweaters, dresses, uniforms, jackets and more.

For all occasions – Perfect for casual, office, or everyday wear, or for special events like birthdays, weddings, and more.


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