Fast Wireless Charger


  • Model: R2
  • Input parameter: 9 (V)
  • Output parameter: 9 (V)
  • Charging current: 2100 (mA)
  • Battery type: no battery
  • Instruction function: with instruction function
  • Interface: type-c
  • Color: gold, silver, dark brown


Induction telescopic, large-area induction ring, stable without shaking, 15W wireless charging, smart chip

Universal for all types of mobile phones/cars, flexible adjustment of stand angle, widely supports 5-7 inch mobile phones

Simple installation is stable with one clip: nano-material thick silicone pad + strong elastic magic clip

Charge the phone as soon as it is released: enjoy the convenience of wireless charging without plugging and unplugging the charging cable

Fully automatic intelligent induction expansion and locking

Four-point positioning is stable and does not shake, lock the phone


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