Magnetic Charging Cable


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The Cable That Doesn’t Tangle Introducing the ONLY charging cable in the world that doesn’t tangle β€” it’s also super easy to use and works absolutely anywhere!

Stay Organized – The Magnetic Charging Cable frees space on desks and countertops with its magnetic compactable design, keeping your spaces clean and organized. Easily Extendable – Short or long, the Flash Wiresβ„’ length is perfect for every occasion.

Simply extend the Magnetic Charging Cable for full length (3ft) or coil it to save space β€” the choice is yours.

Hide It Away – Coil the Magnetic Charging Cable so it’s neatly tucked away for next times use. No more dangling wires.

Easy To Store – Unlike regular cables that are messy to store within desks and drawers, the Magnetic Charging Cable is easy and neat to store. No more cluttered drawers.


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