Leather Sewing Awl Kit Hand Stitcher Set




Made to Last and easy to use this Leather Sewing Awl Kit Hand Stitcher Set.

The package comes with two kinds of needles, which can meet your sewing needle needs. Needle is locked securely onto the awl by the cap nut. They will not come off or loosen while you stitch. The hand stitcher can stored inside awl handle for safe and secure storage.

It is PREMIUM QUALITY NEEDLES and Made from Surgical Grade Stainless Steel that are RUST FREE & BEND RESISTANT. Designed to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand while working.

It is lightweight and portable. The Grip Handle size is 4.25”, it is easy to carry.

This set will be essential assistant for leather crafts. It is ideal for quick repair leather project, DIY craft, heavy fabric, canvas, shoes and other stitched objects.


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