Detachable Women Fashion Winter Fur Cuffs


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Dramatically stylish in any cold weather! Warm up in style using the Detachable Fur Cuff! These dramatic cuffs feature dense faux fur, giving it a luxuriously fashionable look with a comfortable, warm feeling.

A detachable accessory simply slips them on and off your wrists. A highly stretchable elastic band keeps them secure while offering a comfortable fit for all sizes.

It’s available in a wide range of chic, classy colors perfect for any occasion.

Luxurious Fur – Features dense faux fur with a luxuriously fashionable look. Let you stay warm and comfy in winter.

Easy to Wear – As easy as slipping them on and off your wrists! An elastic band comfortably keeps them in place. Universal Fit – Highly stretchable, these cuffs perfectly fit all sizes.

Premium Material – Durably made from premium faux fur with a soft inner lining, ensuring comfort over long-lasting use.

(Washable) Different Colors – Pick your favorite from a wide range of chic, classy colors.

For Any Occasion – An eye-catching accessory that’ll add style to any outfit.


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