Magnetic Phone Cover


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Are you Looking for the best and cheap cell phone covers? Try out this amazing magnetic phone covers.

🤗Borderless design, real bare metal feeling📱📱

Double-sided highly transparent glass, high-resolution effect🧐
Strong explosion-proof tempered glass and more secure screen protection💯

Cell Phone Covers Features: 

  •  Double-sided tempered glass: The HD glass is explosion-proof and has double-sided protection.

  • Quick install: The frame is made of magnetic metal, multiple adsorption points, is easy to install, one second adsorption, full fitting accuracy.

  • The signal won’t be affected: You can play the game without obstacles, the operation does not hang, the touch is not affected, the clicking is more sensitive.

  • Borderless design: Remove the awkward design and restore the bare-metal feeling.

Cell Phone Covers Specification:

  • Suitable for: IPHONE
  • Material: Metal + tempered glass
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Silver


  • 1 * Double-sided Glass Magnetic Phone Cover


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