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All-Purpose Cleaning Powder

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Get rid of ingrained stains in homewares by All-Purpose Cleaning Powder!

Simply add a pack of All-Purpose Cleaning Powder into water and it will be instantly foamed to dissolve stubborn stains.

Widely applicable to remove all kinds of dirts. No need to struggle at rubbing grease and stains anymore!

  • Superior Decontamination Capability
    Remove stain made from grease, coffee and more!

  • Time Saving
    No need for rubbing

  • Multi-Purpose
    Drain clogged sinks, dissolve food, grease etc.
  • Odor-free
    No more odor at kitchen!

  • Safe to Use
    Non toxic. No harm for skin.
  • Method 1:
  1. Apply Powder onto dirts.
  2. Grip greases or dirts with wet towel or sponge
  3. Clean with water.
  • Method 2:
  1. Add 1 PC of All-Purpose Cleaning Powder and 300ml water into a container.
  2. Mix Gently and apply to greases.
  3. Use Sponge to grip out dirts.
  • Net: 25g
  • All-Purpose Cleaning Powder